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By Arthur Stanley Ramsey

A. S. Ramsey (1867-1954) was once a amazing Cambridge mathematician and President of Magdalene university. He wrote numerous textbooks 'for using better divisions in colleges and for first 12 months scholars at university'. This booklet on dynamics, released in 1929, was once dependent upon his lectures to scholars of the mathematical tripos, and displays the best way this department of arithmetic had extended within the first 3 many years of the 20th century. It assumes a few wisdom of uncomplicated dynamics, and includes an intensive choice of examples for resolution, taken from scholarship and exam papers of the interval. the topics coated contain vectors, rectilinear movement, harmonic movement, movement below constraint, impulsive movement, moments of inertia and movement of a inflexible physique. Ramsey released a better half quantity, Statics, in 1934.

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1923] 22. A load W is to be raised by a rope, from rest to rest, through a height h; the greatest tension which the rope can safely bear is n W. ( 2nh ) i Shew that the least time in which the ascent can be done is \TT— \ . [S. 1926] Variable Acceleration 23. A tramcar starts from rest and its velocities at intervals of 5 sees, are given in the following table : Time in seconds 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Velocity in miles per hour 0 8-1 11-8 14-6 16-3 17-7 19 Calculate the distance in yards travelled in the above time.

Per sec. per sec. 35. Uniformly Accelerated Motion. In uniformly accelerated motion the acceleration / is constant, so that by integrating the relation dv/dt=f we get v =ft + G, S'4il~S-51] UNIFORM ACCELERATION where G is constant, and if the velocity at time t = 0 be u (called the initial velocity), we must have G — u, and therefore v = u+ft (1); though it must be remarked that this relation is otherwise obvious, because, when the acceleration f is constant, the velocity is increased by f in each unit of time.

7. A point moves from rest with uniform acceleration. Shew that in any interval the space-average of the velocity is 4/3 of the time-average. 22 RECTILINEAR MOTION. [III KINEMATICS 8. An express train is sent off in two parts at an interval of 5 minutes. If both parts are uniformly accelerated and attain their maximum speed of 60 miles per hour in a mile, prove that the first part has gone 4 miles before the second starts and that at full speed they run 6 miles apart. 9. , and 5 sees. Shew that these facts are consistent with the hypothesis that the body is subjected to uniform retardation.

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