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By Barbara Delinsky

Reclusive loner Garrick Rodenheiser has his invaluable isolation interrupted by means of the coming of Leah Gates, a stunning and weak lady who additionally desperately wishes time to heal. Reissue.

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Victoria Lesser 2 Twelve Across

Reclusive loner Garrick Rodenheiser has his valuable isolation interrupted through the arriving of Leah Gates, a gorgeous and susceptible girl who additionally desperately wishes time to heal. Reissue.

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The thought that Page 13 Barbara Delinsky - Twelve Across they might hunt humans in the rain sent shivers through her limbs, over and above those caused by the cold night air. Then she slipped in the mud and lost her balance, falling to the ground with a sharp cry. Sheer terror had her on her feet in an instant, and she whimpered as she struggled on. Several more times Leah lost a shoe and would have left it if the thought of walking in her sheer stockinged feet hadn't been far worse than the sliminess of the once fine leather.

Did the storage people get all your furniture? " "This morning: ' "My Lord, that means the bed, too! Where will you sleep tonight? " "On the floor. And no, I don't want the green room. I've about had it with packing. Everything s ready to go from my place. All I'll have to do in the morning is load up the car and take off: ' A night on the bare floor. Victoria felt guiltier than ever, but she knew a stubborn expression when she saw one. "Is the car okay? " It was a demo Volkswagen Golf that Leah had bought from a dealer three days before.

Rarely had he seen the same woman twice. Never had he brought one to his home. But one was here now. He hadn't asked for her. In fact, he wanted her gone as soon as possible. Yet even as he studied her, as he watched her stare into the fire, take an occasional sip of coffee, flex her arms around herself protectively, he felt an intense need for human contact. He wondered if the need was indicative of a new stage in his redevelopment, if he d reached the point of being comfortable with himself and was now ready to share himself with others.

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