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Для сайта:Мир книгProject Silver malicious program used to be the yankee Black venture model of the Avro plane Canada Y-2 undertaken through the USA Air strength in 1953.

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Project Silver Bug. Project № 9961

Для сайта:Мир книгProject Silver computer virus was once the yankee Black undertaking model of the Avro airplane Canada Y-2 undertaken by means of the us Air strength in 1953.

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21. Ethanol. 22. Autoclaved distilled water. 23. Electrophoresis apparatus. 2. RNase H Site-Specific Cleavage Directed by 2 -O-Methyl RNA–DNA Chimera 1. 2 -O-Methyl RNA–DNA chimera: For the purposes of this protocol the sequence of the chimera used is specific for cleavage between positions 33 and 34 of mouse U2 snRNA: UmAmdCdAdCdTUmGmAm UmCmUmUmAm GmCmCm. 2. 5), 20 mM MgCl2 , 200 mM KCl, 50 mM DTT, 10% sucrose. 3. RNasin (20 units/μL). 4. RNase H. 5. 1% bromophenol blue. 6. 5)—buffered phenol/chloroform/ isoamyl alcohol (50:49:1).

5-mL microfuge tube, add 200 μL of streptavidin agarose beads (100 μL total bed volume) and microfuge the tube for 10 s at 5,000×g. Add 250 μL of preblocking mix and rotate the tube on a rotator for 20 min at 4◦ C. 6. Wash the beads by adding 1 mL of cold WB50 and microfuge for 1 min at 5,000×g. Remove the supernatant and resuspend the beads with 1 mL of WB50. Repeat this step two more times without resuspending the beads in WB50 the last time. 7. Resuspend the beads in 1 mL WB250 and microfuge for 1 min at 5,000×g.

Nature, 413, 701–707. 89. Valadkhan, S. L. (2003) Characterization of the catalytic activity of U2 and U6 snRNAs. RNA, 9, 892–904. Chapter 2 Quantitative Analysis of RNA Modifications John Karijolich, Athena Kantartzis, and Yi-Tao Yu Abstract RNA modifications impact numerous cellular processes such as pre-mRNA splicing and protein synthesis. The elucidation of the mechanisms by which these modifications impact cellular processes necessitates the ability to both detect and quantify the presence of these modifications within RNA molecules.

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