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By Herbert H. Clark, Dale H. Schunk, Lance J. Rips, William Turnbull, Rhianon Allen, Arthur S. Reber, Ann M. Peters, Eran Zaidel & Eric Wanner

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To differentiate these modified theories, we need to explore variables other than syntactic form. petunia Experiment 2 The main feature that distinguishes the Computation model from the Prestorage model is its extra comparison step. Previous studies have identified factors that affect this step, and if we can show that these factors also affect verification of sentences with relative adjectives, we will have obtained some prima facie support for the Computation model. This is the strategy that we pursue in the experiments reported below, using symbolic distance as the critical factor.

B. a. b. A A A A grasshopper grasshopper grasshopper grasshopper is is is is a a a a large large green green insect. animal. insect. animal. Despite the fact that grasshoppers are insects and insects animals, being a large insect does not mean being a large animal; the attribution of a relative property like large does not automatically generalize to superordinates (Vendler, 1968, p. 96). , object) is substituted for the predicate noun. One possible way to explain this difference is to assume that relative adjectives convey an implicit reference to a norm or standard associated with the modified noun.

I forgot to tell Clark (1979), in a study of indirect requests, proposed a model of how B selects his response to a particular request. According to that model, B’s choice depends on how conventional the form of the request is, how transparent what is being requested is, whether special markers like please are present, how plausible the literal meaning is, and what A’s plans and goals are thought to be. The factors we have just introduced are meant to complement this model. Understanding indirect requests What about understanding indirect requests?

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