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""All the secrets and techniques of the area were printed 'as they are'. permit all lack of know-how go away. enable the entire phrases circulate as they're. humans will proceed asking questions and new insights could be printed from the solutions. All that's spoken right here can be revealed as new scriptures. Thereafter, actual wisdom could be tested inside of people as they extract the last word that means of those phrases. In those Aptavanis, the event of the Self has been acknowledged. That encompasses all.Niruben has now not permit unmarried notice of mine move off beam. She has gathered all of the phrases during this tape recorder. That assortment is the technology of The Self, that's being proficient to the area for generations to come back. the entire present scriptures on the planet carry the data of the Self (Gnan), while those phrases are the particular clinical adventure of The Self (Vignan). This technology is spontaneously energetic and effects are instantly obvious. Moksha, liberation is the direct experiential results of this science.Glory To The Lord Who Has Manifested inside Gnani Purush, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel ~Dadashri"

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Aptavani-1 63 If you remain in the attributes of the Self, then you are a ‘purush’ (the Self – absolutely free). ‘Prakruti is like a top’ (spinning toy). What does that mean? The winding of the string around the top is the cause, as the string is pulled away the spinning of the top is prakruti. There is skill and precision in the winding and there is also skill and precision in the unwinding. Everything occurs exactly as it was caused. Even when a child eats, does he put the food in his ear instead of his mouth?

No one, absolutely no one, in this world can change the discharge (effect). If one could, one would never allow unpleasant things to happen to them, they would only let pleasant things occur. But discharge is under the control of another entity. It is under the control of vyavasthit (scientific circumstantial evidences). Vyavasthit rules exclusively and no one has any control over it. So be cautious when creating new causes. Once you acquire the Self, you will never be deluded. Once you meet a Gnani Purush, he will take your faith in the world and place it in the Supreme Soul in just one hour, and once he does this, you will remain as the Self.

I am stating this very candidly : Any path that requires you to make any effort is a worldly path and will Aptavani-1 47 not liberate you. Have desire for liberation only. If you were to desire liberation just once, then even after a hundred thousand lifetimes, you would encounter a Gnani and you would achieve liberation. Liberation means to be completely free, freedom from all worldly miseries. Efforts are needed for the daily mundane life but not for attaining liberation, because liberation is the very nature of the Self.

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