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Epithelial cells disguise the outer and internal surfaces of the physique, forming a selective polarized barrier among the intercellualar house and the 'external' global. Linking the cells of this non-stop layer and contributing to epithelial association and serve as are really expert membrane domains--desmosomes, hole junctions, and occluding junctions. The members to this multidisciplinary symposium quantity discover the character of such junctional buildings, concentrating on the molecular association and variety in their constituent proteins, their formation and keep watch over, and interactions with ions and cytoskeletal parts. The physiological importance of cell-cell interplay in epithelia is taken into account, as regards to telephone adhesion, barrier formation and intercellular verbal exchange, and to the useful implications for tissue structure, embryonic improvement, morphogenesis and carcinogenesis.


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W. 5 M-urea (Mueller & Franke 1983, Franke et a1 1983c, Cowin et a1 1985a). A minor desmosomal polypeptide of M , > 200 000 (antigen D1) has also been located, by immuno-electron microscopy, in the plaques of desmosomes of diverse epithelia and of myocardium but not in the plaques of other types of adhering junctions (Franke et a1 1981a). Finally, desmocalmin, a readily extractable calmodulin-binding protein of M , 240 OOO, has been identified as a plaque component of epidermal desmosomes (Tsukita & Tsukita 1985).

Finally, we wish to stress that the widespread capacity for mutual desmosome formation does not require that the desmosomal glycoproteins should be identical in every respect, but only that their adhesive sites should be able to recognize each other. In fact, we have shown that there are immunological differences between the glycoproteins we call desmocollins in basal and suprabasal skin cells (Parrish et a1 1986). Some antibodies that recognize the desmocollins of the latter cells do not recognize those of the former.

J Cell Biol 101:207&2080 Volk T, Geiger B 1984 A 135 kD membrane protein of intercellular adherens junctions. EMBO (Eur Mol Biol Organ) J 3:2249-2260 Wong AJ, Pollard TD, Herman IM 1983 Actin filament stress fibers in vascular endothelial cells in vitro. Science (Wash DC) 219:867-869 DISCUSSION Benedetti: D o you find band 5 protein in the neuromuscular junction? Franke: We haven’t looked systematically at all forms of neuromuscular junctions and neuronal synapses. It is not seen in neuromuscular junctions of several striated muscles.

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