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By John Ya-Otto, Ole Gjerstad, Michael Mercer

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Coupling of Biological and Electronic Systems: Proceedings of the 2nd caesarium, Bonn, November 1–3, 2000

The coupling of organic and digital structures has long ago few years emerged as a box of accelerating value. Achievements just like the cardiac pacemaker have lead the way for extra refined ways, comparable to the lab-on-a-chip and DNA desktops. This publication provides reports on the most promising tasks during this interdisciplinary examine box, masking subject matters from bioinformatics to biosensor expertise.

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Because of the latter concern, multiple cases of independent evolution of a trait-function association in living taxa provide the strongest evidence for attribution of the same function to that trait in a fossil. Once function has been established for the fossil taxon, further evaluation of a hypothesis of adaptation relies on experimental observations of extant taxa and biomechanical arguments. We also should acknowledge that some details of function (such as muscle firing patterns) can never be verified for fossils.

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