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By Brion Gysin, Jason Weiss

Brion Gysin (1916–1986) used to be a visible artist, historian, novelist, and an experimental poet credited with the invention of the ‘cut-up’ process — a college of texts, now not images — which his longtime collaborator William S. Burroughs placed to extra large use. he's additionally one of the early innovators of sound poetry, which he defines as ‘getting poetry back down the web page and into performance.’ again very quickly gathers fabrics from the full Gysin oeuvre: scholarly old examine, baroque fiction, permutated and cut-up poetry, unsettling memoir, decisions from the method and The final Museum, and his unproduced screenplay of Burroughs’ novel bare Lunch. moreover, the Reader comprises entire texts of a number of Gysin items which are tricky to discover, together with “Poem of Poems,” “The Pipes of Pan,” and “A quickly journey to Alamut.”

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