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To reinforce this symbolic act of sacrifice in the minds of the public, the Prince declared that he was quite happy for Australia to become a republic. Having made a pact with 'anti-royalist' Prime Minister Keating, the Windsors are perfectly willing to sacrifice their more peripheral spheres of influence if this enables them to buttress their position in Europe. The attack also gave Charles the opportunity to make his notorious comments about being the product of 'a thousand years of breeding', yet another thinly veiled reference to his belief that he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

However, rather than slaughtering each other, they generally prefer to keep tabs on their foes. When they indulge their taste for ritual murder, both the Windsors and the Roman 'Church' prefer to do so with innocent children. However, emboldened by their success in destabilising the Church of England and 34 the monarchy, the Vatican decided to put two fingers up to British intelligence by knocking off the spy writer and MI6 man James Rusbridger. This was an act of psychological warfare rather than the elimination of a key player in the defence of the Norman oligarchy.

Instead of wasting his time attempting to enlist the weak in a spiritual fight, the revolutionary knight knows he must arm an elite force with the weapons of education and knowledge. The exploiters encourage the ignorant masses to think they live in a democratic country where everyone not only has a right to make decisions about how society is run, but actually does so. Thus while the Empire of the City plunges the nation into poverty, the ignorant masses are left believing that it is their own fault when they go hungry or their children don't have shoes on their feet.

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