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By Tadashi Hattori

This quantity contains the complaints of the foreign Symposium on Zeolites and Microporous Crystals (ZMPC '93). At this assembly growth within the following components used to be mentioned: crystal chemistry; synthesis; ion alternate and amendment; adsorption and diffusion; intercalation and cross-linking; host-guest interplay; catalysis; purposes.

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Read Online or Download Zeolites and Microporous Crystals: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Zeolites and Microporous Crystals, Nagoya, August 22-25, 1993 PDF

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Gies, Eur. 1. Solid. State Inorg. , 28 (1991) 345. 12 E. Jahn, private communication. A. L. A. Woodward, Eur. Pat. , (1988) 293939. 14 E. Jahn, P. Daniels and H. Gies, 5th German Zeolite Workshop, Leipzig, March 14-16, 1993. 15 E. Benazzi, C. Schott-DaAe, H. Kessler and J. F. Joly, French Patent Application 93/01386, to IFP 16 M. B. McCusker, C. Baerlocher, A. Merrouche and H. Kessler, Nature, 352 (1991) 320. 17 A. Simmen, J. Patarin and C. Baerlocher in R. von Ballmoos et al. ), Proc. 9th Int.

EXPERIMENTAL METHODS A Wyoming Na+-Ca’+-montmorillonite(commercial designation, Volclay SPV 200) was obtained from the American Colloid Company. Impurity quartz was removed by conventional sedimentation techniques. The < 2pm fraction was used as starting material. The cation-exchange capacity of the montmorillonite was determined to be 83 meq/100g. The pillaring agent was prepared by first mixing TiCI, with twice amount of ethanol and stirring until homogeneous. Among various reaction conditions examined, four pillaring processes were found to result in pillared clays of higher thermal stability.

The sorption data are summarised in Table 2. 5 A following sorption. Amine sorption is, however, not reliable to quantify the number of acidic sites. Indeed, the number of amine molecules adsorbed per acidic site (n amindn POH) decreases as the amine gets bulkier, because of the proximity of the POH groups. The number of amine molecules adsorbed per POH group is also observed to increase when the POHPCH2 ratio decreases, because of intermolecular interactions between amine molecules and the possibility for more than one n-butylamine molecule to neutralise one POH group.

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