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By Emil Baehrens (ed.)

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Sheetrock commonly used commercial name for gypsum wallboard. shim a thin wedge of wood used to help level framing members, especially window and door frames. shiplap siding siding comprised of boards that connect with one another with rabbeted joints. truss a large, triangular framing unit, often prefabricated, constructed of beams, bars, and ties, and used to span a large space. valley rafter a rafter rising where two roof slopes of different angles meet; an inside corner rafter. Similar to a hip rafter.

Woodward a manor official responsible for a lord’s woodland. feudalism the political and social system of medieval days. fief a grant of land made by a lord in exchange for services. Also known as a fee. frankpledge the responsibility of each division of a community to carry out police duties and to see to it that the law is upheld. glebe land cultivated to help support a parish church. hue and cry a law requiring that all citizens within earshot give chase to a fleeing criminal. infangenethef the right to confiscate the belongings of a convicted thief.

Passus inches. pastas in Roman construction, a manhole in an aqueduct. Also, a fountain in a Roman house. pavimentum a Roman pavement formed of crushed stone, flint, and tile rammed and composited in a bed of cement. pavonazzo in Roman construction, a type of marble characterized by dark red veins. pes (pl. 65 inches. pharos a Greek or Roman lighthouse. phyrctorion a Greek watchtower used for military sacrarium an in-house family shrine or chapel in Roman residences. scabellum a Roman, freestanding pedestal.

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