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Int Rev Psychiatry 2003; 15: 205–16. Station 3: Cranial nerves examination 11 STATION 3: CRANIAL NERVES EXAMINATION THE EXAMINER’S MARK SHEET Communication skills Approach to patient CN II to XII examined Technique Answering other questions Global rating INTRODUCE YOURSELF ‘Hello, nice to meet you. ’ SET THE SCENE ‘I have been asked to examine you. ’ CLINICAL PROCEDURE The patient should be sitting. As in all clinical examinations, ideally you should be on the patient’s right-hand side. ’ Ask them to put on their glasses if they normally wear them.

Can they hear you rubbing your index finger against your thumb in each ear? ’ Use finger/cotton wool. Examine ophthalmic, maxillary and mandibular territories of their face (corneal reflex – not to test here). THANK THE PATIENT Station 3: Cranial nerves examination 13 FOR EXTRA MARKS You will often be asked to omit pinprick, corneal and gag testing, but be able to do them in practice. It is possible to assess all nerves within 7 minutes. html 14 Exam 1 STATION 4: SCHIZOPHRENIA THE EXAMINER’S MARK SHEET Communication skills Schizophrenia explanation Effects on her son Positive and negative symptoms Treatments available Global rating INTRODUCE YOURSELF ‘Hello, nice to meet you.

Keep looking at it whilst it moves’ (move in the shape of a cross). e. double vision). Also look for nystagmus. ’ CN V ‘Clench your teeth’ – as they do, feel masseter and temporalis. ‘Open your mouth and stop me closing it’ – try gently to close the chin. CN IX, X Palate and gag reflex: ‘Open your mouth and say aah’ – look at back of throat (gag reflex – touch back of throat both sides with an orange stick – but asked not to do here). CN XII Tongue: Ask patient to stick out tongue. Observe for deviation to left/right.

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