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By Rivers Singleton Jr. (auth.), J. M. Odom, Rivers Singleton Jr. (eds.)

Sulfate-reducing micro organism include a various and ecologically interactive crew of anaerobic prokaryotes which percentage a rare trait: development through sulfate respiratory with hydrogen sulfide as an immense end-product. Sulfate-reducers are present in varied environments starting from estuaries to geological oil-bearing formations. they've got attracted enormous clinical and advertisement curiosity. those organisms were actively investigated through researchers in microbial energetics, protein chemistry, ecology and extra lately molecular biology. This curiosity has elevated vastly over the last decade, and this quantity provides the 1st book-length precis of our wisdom of sulfate-reducing micro organism in approximately 10 years. that includes an creation via the eminent microbiologist John Postgate and entire reports from famous specialists, this booklet might be of curiosity to microbiologists with pursuits in body structure, evolution, and ecology.

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0 billion dollars a year (Greathouse and Wessel, 1954). This figure can only have increased in the intervening three decades. As noted above, this is a serious problem in many aspects of the oil technologies, where oil drilling and processing equipment are subject to extensive corrosion by the activities of these organisms. , the metallic iron is entirely removed, leaving the carbon skeleton behind. The role of sulfatereducing and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria in corrosion processes has been reviewed by Cragnolino and Tuovinen (1984).

Utilization of amino acids Although some strains have the metabolic capability to oxidize amino acids, in general, good growth' of sulfate-reducing bacteria on amino acids is not very common. , 1985). Desulfotomaculum ruminis, Dtm. nigrificans, and Dtm. , 1985; Min and Zinder, 1990). Cells of the marine Desulfovibrio strains and Dtm. ruminis contained high levels of NAD-dependent alanine dehydrogenase when grown on alanine (Starns and Hansen, 1986). Miscellaneous compounds Acetone is a fermentation product of certain strains of Clostridium.

These two genera probably still account for a significant number of organisms responsible for sulfate reduction in many natural systems. Since this tidy system was proposed, however, the pioneering work of Widdel (1980) demonstrated that sulfate reducers are much more diverse than previously recognized. , 1989; Widdel and Hansen, 1991; and Chapter 6 of this 12 Rivers Singleton, Jr. 1. Early taxonomic organization of sulfate-reducing bacteria according to scheme of Postgate and Campbella Desulfovibrio Desulfotomaculum Non-sporeformers Small vibrios to long spirilla Sporeformers Sausage-shaped rods reminiscent of G + C content high Pigments: Desulfoviridin = green pigment, red fluorescence in base Cytochrome C3 G + C content low Pigments: Cytochrome b Clostridium 'Campbell and Postgate, 1965; Postgate and Campbell, 1966.

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