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By Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien

The authors' language translation abilities in accordance with the earliest non-religious fabric give you the key to untangling the complicated of alternative names and varied interpretations put via previous students. The Shining Ones as actual individuals are sincerely pointed out inside of all cultures and never careworn with the forged of characters who seem in astronomy, cometary disaster and in the non secular regions.

The Shining Ones offers for the 1st time key elements of the most recent translation of the Askew Codex within the British Museum, which contains a set of 365 4to sheets of vellum, on which the writing is in Greek uncials, within the now extinct Coptic dialect of higher Egypt. It additionally provides for the 1st time key elements of the newest translation of the seventy eight leaves of papyrus, in publication shape, of the Bruce Codex from the Bodlian library, written in Greek cursive characters within the comparable Coptic dialect.

These files contain a wide a part of a massive Gnostic Corpus, almost certainly compiled from previous fabric, within the Valentine tuition at Alexandria within the past due first or early moment century advert. initially known as The Books of the Saviour, those translations of this fabric should be obvious as a unmarried treatise at the non secular Truths narrated by way of Jesus of Nazareth and brought down notice for note by means of 3 disciple-scribes Philip, Thomas and Matthew.

The presence of those 3 witnesses is in accordance with the canon of Hebraic legislations. This coupled with the truth that they have been from Jesus' internal circle, locations substantial value and reliability, that those records illustrate that the religious nature of Jesus' educating was once no various from that of alternative japanese religions.

This is a vital factor for Christianity and plenty of will ponder provides weight to the relevance and useful significance of taking heavily, issues of a non secular nature, which permeate all historic files, yet which aren't totally understood.

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The Shining Ones

The authors' language translation talents in line with the earliest non-religious fabric give you the key to untangling the complicated of alternative names and assorted interpretations put through previous students. The Shining Ones as genuine individuals are truly pointed out inside of all cultures and never pressured with the solid of characters who look in astronomy, cometary disaster and in the religious areas.

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Other Angels, there, undertake teaching and give instruction in clear and melodious voices ... Secrets of Enoch, XIX: 1-3. That the origin of these 'teaching Angels' was in the hierarchy of the Materia-Spiritual Regions 44 (I) The three 'Triple-powered gods are also named as Sabaoth the Adamas [not to be confosed with Sabaoth the Good], the Authades, and Bainchooch. (2) Barbelo was a name given to Jesus of Nazareth in the Higher Regions; and the term "daughter"for the Pistis Sophia implies that she was an assistant, or possibly a protigie, ofjesus in those regions.

2) Taken from a quoted description in The Dawn of Light by Huzur Sawan Singh Maharaj. r PROLOGUE I' ! ' •• II hansas. ' Saying this, your soul then pushes on to the delight in the darshanOlof Sat Nam, and is enraptured with exceeding great joy. A voice then emanates from within the lotus, saying: 'Who are you. ' You answer, 1 met the Satguru and he gave me foll instructions. Through his kindness I now have the privilege ofyour darshan. 'From this darshan the soul derives immense pleasure. Sat Purush then speaks ofthe mysteries ofAlakh Lok, and with his own powers and love he aids the soul to make forther advance toward the still higher regions.

There were twelve regions (on the Astral Plane) Sabaoth the Adamas ruled as Head Archon over six of them, while his colleague, fabraoth, ruled over the other six. When fabraoth came to believe in the Initiation of the Light, together with his Archons, he abandoned the practice ofsexual intercourse. But Sabaoth the Adamas continued to be involved with sexual matters. And when feu, the Master of my Master, saw that fabraoth believed, he carried him (up) with all the Archons who had believed with him, and received him in the Sphere.

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