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By Roland Diehl (auth.), R. Genzel, A. I. Harris (eds.)

Our Galactic center's proximity permits astronomers to review actual seasoned­ cesses inside of galactic nuclei at a degree of aspect that would by no means be attainable within the extra far-off, yet frequently additionally extra dazzling, extragalactic platforms. contemporary advances in instrumentation from the radio, in the course of the submillime­ ter and infrared wavebands, and out to the X- and "'(-ray bands now let observations of the Galactic heart over 13 orders of value in wave­ size. Our wisdom in regards to the imperative few hundred parsecs of our Galaxy has hence elevated tremendously during the last decade. a similar new instru­ ments supply excessive answer, prime quality measurements of close by ''normal'' galactic nuclei; that's, nuclei whose modest strength output is analogous to that of our personal (and so much different) galaxies. Theorists, spurred partially by means of the recent observations, were capable of refine types of the energetics, dynam­ ics, and evolution of the gasoline and stellar platforms deep inside of galactic nuclei.

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Fig. 2. 2. THE FACE-ON GIANT SPIRAL MIDI EINSTEIN observations of MI0I detected 10 X-ray sources in the field and X-ray emission from the galaxy center (Trinchieri et al. 1990), however failed to detect diffuse emission (McCammon & Sanders 1984). With the ROSAT PSPC we detect several new hard and medium hard sources, however we do not detect EINSTEIN source no. 4, 6, and 7. Some of the sources may be identified with the H II regions NGC 5455, NGC 5461, NGC 5462, and NGC 5471. f. Fig. 5 in Pietsch & Triimper 1993).

Astrop. , et al.. 1988. &Astroph. , et al.. 1993. AlP Conf. Proc. 280. 35-39 Sunyaev R.. • et aI.. Res .. 11. 8. , 1988. in: "Supernova Shells and their Birth Events", Ed. W. Kundt. p 44 van der Hucht K.. 122. , 1987. ApJ. ill. • 1986. in "Nucleosynthesis and Chemical Evolution", ed. B. Hauck and A. Maeder. pI ROSAT OBSERVATIONS OF NEARBY SPIRAL GALAXIES W. PIETSCH fir efiraterreBtriBcke PkY8ik, Gie88enbackstrafJe, 85740 Garcking, Germany Ma~-Planck-InBtit'Ut Abstract. Results of pointed observations on nearby spiral galaxies with the ROSAT PSPC are reported.

1988), and by the ART-P telescope onboard of GRANAT (Sunyaev et. , 1991). All these observations confirm that the nucleus of our galaxy itself is not the dominant source of X-ray emission. 7 - 2942, the" Great Annihilator", for instance, a source ~ 50 arc min south of the nucleus contributes much more to the overall hard energy flux within this region. A1742-294 contributes about 37% to the overall emission between 3 and 30 keY (Skinner et. , 1987). In addition, most of the observations revealed diffuse emission at all energies but of different spatial extents.

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