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By F. J. Irsigler M.D. (auth.)

The advent of antibiotics has essentially eradicated an infection of the paranasal sinuses as resource of intracranial infeetions. Thoracic surgical procedure has approximately eradieated a for­ merly particularly common resource of abseess of the mind, specifically infections of the lung, equivalent to lung abscess, bronchiectasia and lung gangrene. Gunshot wounds of the top are in fact an important process mind abseess and meningitis, yet in civilian perform thankfully infrequent. Complieated fractures of the vault and fractures of the bottom of the cranium are at the moment crucial resource of intraeranial an infection, and tend to bring up in significance because of ever expanding frequeney of motor injuries. Metastatic mind abscess originating from a foeus of an infection of the tonsils or from different lesions at any place within the physique are almost always infrequent. This resource of an infection needs to be thought of to be of teen significance. those faets are essentially mirrored in Dr. IRSIGLER'S monograph. there's an abundance of fabric of aggravating abscesses either as a result of gunshot wounds and to pcaee-time acci­ dents regarding the vault, the bottom of the cranium and the paranasal sinuses, that is exten­ sively documented by means of case histories and weil selected illustrations.

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Lions Case no. 17 Orbital cellulitis and subapo. rays: rarification? Cavemous sinus thrombosis. influenza meningitis, subdescending to involve both dural empyema. X-rays: sepaeyes rated sutures, frontal trans· lucency none Subdural empyema; no X·rays Right frontal lobe abscess. Abscess in right upper eyelid evacuated X-rays: frontal sinus opaque' Frontal osteomyelitis contigu. left frontal lobe abscess behind ous to frontal sinus infection; huge cerebral fungus' dura iucised by the aural surgeon Outcome Incision, drainage.

Admission diagnosis: Tuberculous meningitis. Jacksonian epilepsy. Pleocytosis in the lumbar fluid. Frontal trephine openings. Death within two days of admission. The girl was admitted while unconscious; no history was available. A tuberculous meningitis was suspected. Lumbar taps on several occasions revealed a clear and colourless flnid with 154 polymorphonuclears and 34 Iymphocytes while sugar and chlorides were both within normal range. On examination she was in deep coma, incontinent, and not responding to painful stimulation.

Spread patehy erosion of the frontal bane giving it a significant mottled appearanee. Small cuts were made first in the upper lids of both eyes, and glove drains inserted. In addition, two linear sealp incisions were made, one alongside and to the left of the sagittal sinus, and one behind the left hair line. They both yielded diseoloured, brownish, purulent, exudate, with many pus eells and g cocci under the microscope. The diagnosis was frontal subaponeurotie cellulitis. Search for syphilis was negative.

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