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By G. C. Miles, George C. Miles

All yet nine of the 6,449 Islamic cash chanced on at Athenian Agora as much as the date while this ebook used to be written belong to the Ottoman interval. The earliest datable Ottoman coin is from the reign of Mehmed I (1413-21). many of the cash come from abroad mints akin to these of Istanbul, Cairo, Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia. even though the identify of Athens can't be learn on any coin, the writer thinks that a few of the crude coppers of the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries A.D. have been in the community struck.

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1327 with regnal year/1912-1916. 40 para. ) REGNAL YEAR 5 8 NUMBER OF SPECIMENS 1 2 323. Constantinople. 1327 with regnal year/1910-1918. 20 para. ) CATALOGUE 57 REGNAL YEAR NUMBER OF SPECIMENS 2 5 1 2 324. Constantinople. 1327 with regnal year/1911-1916. 10 para. ) REGNAL YEAR NUMBER OF SPECIMENS 3 4 7 8 x 1 1 2 1 2 325. Constantinople. 1327 with regnal year/1911. 5 para. ) REGNAL YEAR NUMBER OF SPECIMENS 3 x 1 1 326. Misr. 1327:2/1910. One-half of one-tenth ghurash (2 para). ) 327. Misr. 1327:4/1911-12.

21 specimens 224. Mint effaced. ]. Para? ) Coins of MalhmiidI also were found in two hoards. These are listed under nos. 258 and 269, below. 'OSMiNIII, 1168-1171/1754-1757 Silver9 225. Constantinople. 1168/[. Para. Ghalib 741. ) 226. Constantinople. ). Para. Cf. Ghalib 741-742. 1 specimen 227. Constantinople. 1168. Para. Cf. Ghalib 741-742. 1 specimen 228. Constantinople. 1168/:. Aqche. Ghalib 743. 1 specimen PLATE V, 58 229. Misr. 1168/: (2). Para. Cf. Ghalib 747. 1 specimen This and the following paras of Misr are paper-thin and range between 15 and 16 mm.

2 specimens The obverse type is indeterminate. See pp. 10-14. 95. ) 97x/ca. 1562-1572. 1 specimen The obverse is effaced. See pp. 10-14. PLATE III, 48-49 PLATE III, 50 96. Constantinople. ). Probably similar to Edhem 1080 (dated 980). 1 specimen PLATE III, 51 97. ). [9]81 and 98x (probably 981)/1573-4. 2 specimens The obverses are effaced. PLATE III, 52-53 THE ATHENIAN AGORA: THE ISLAMIC COINS 30 98. ). 982/1574-5. ) See pp. 10-14. Edhem 1065 has a similar obverse design, a star surroundedby a pattern consisting of three knots and various points.

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