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This would clearly date the angelology as post 135 CE. *SMD^is most probably Asmodeus. Cf. Tob 3:7,17. for KuXoSv. TRANSLATION 49 25 them. They withhold sleep from men, and they can do good or do evil. If you wish to give your enemy trouble in sleeping,^^ take the head of a black dog that never saw light during its days and take a Icarnella from a strip of (lead) pipe from an 27 aqueduct, and write upon it (the names of) these angels and say thus: I hand over to you, angels of disquiet who stand upon the fourth step, the life and the soul and the spirit of N son of N so that you may tie him in chains of iron and bind him to a bronze yoke.

140 46 Cf. the notion of the descent of the holy spirit, body and blood of Christ into the bread and wine of the Eucharist. Note the use of QRSTWS in the angelic list of this encampment. Cf. 4 Ezra 14:39. , water from a stream or spring, not from a cistern. ^ ^ n : ! ^ ^ ^ is here translated as "city" as it fits the sense better than "state" which was used in 1:118. 49 V^^, gold plate, metal disc, or lamellay often used for making amulets. TRANSLATION 35 Hide the heart in the middle of the city and go into seclusion^^ for three days and after three days appear in the city.

27 This seems to imply either strife or execution. , LepaTiK(5v - a hieretic sheet of papyrus. "Hieratic" (priestly) here refers especially to the Egyptian priests who were famed for their magic and from whence came the types of writing and paper that they used and were thought suitable for magical operations. 30 SEPHER HA-RAZIM slips) and write in hieratic with a mixture of ink and myrrh 29 each and every possibility separately. 30 Then 31 take a new flask and put in it spikenard oil and throw in 32 33 the written slips (as well); then stand facing the sun 34 when he comes forth from his bridal chamber 100 and say: I adjure you 0 sun that shines on the earthy in the name of the angels who make men of knowledge understand and comprehend wisdom and secrets^ that you will do what I ask and make known to me what will he in this year—do not oonoeal a thing from me.

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