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By Leon Trotsky

Written in 1936 and released the subsequent 12 months, this great and profound assessment of Stalinism from the Marxist perspective prophesied the cave in of the Soviet Union. Trotsky employs proof, figures, and records to teach how Stalinist rules rejected the big effective capability of the nationalized deliberate economic climate engendered by way of the October Revolution.

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After the over­ throw of the exploiting 'Classes-he repeats and explains in every chapter of State and Revolution---the proletariat will shatter the old bureaucratic machine and create its own apparatus out of employees and workers. " You must not think that Lenin was talking about the problems of a decade. " T his same bold view of the state in a proletarian dic­ tatorship found finished expression a year and a half after the conquest of power in the program of the Bol­ shevik party, including its section on the army.

It is in no less degree due to favorable external circumstances. In those years of economic chaos and civil war in the villages, the Soviet Union was essentially paralyzed in the face of a foreign enemy. The discontent of the peasantry swept through the army. Mistrust and vacillation demoralized the bureaucratic machine, and the commanding cadres. A blow either from the East or West at that period might have had fatal consequences. Fortunately, the first years of a crisis in trade and in­ dustry had created throughout the capitalist world moods of bewildered watchful waiting.

ECONOMIC GROWTH AND ZIGZAGS OF LEADERSH I P 23 came in later for a cruel, and in many respects just, criticism. The theoretical mistake of the ruling party re­ mains inexplicable, however, only if you leave out of ac­ count the fact that all calculations at that time were based on the hope of an early victory of the revolution in the West. It was considered self-evident that the victorious German proletariat would supply Soviet Russia, on credit against future food and raw materials, not only with machines and articles of manufacture, but also with tens of thousands of highly skilled workers, engineers and organizers.

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