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By Keith Laumer

Dennis Dobson, 1975. British hardcover with dustjacket. this can be a novel within the Retief sequence, first released in 1971.

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Retief's Ransom (Jaime Retief Series #7)

Dennis Dobson, 1975. British hardcover with dustjacket. it is a novel within the Retief sequence, first released in 1971.

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I don't know when I've seen it done better. " "I'm perfectly satisfied," Retief assured his new acquaintance. " "I practiced it plenty," the oversized Lumbagan said. " "Certainly not. " "How do I know? Who tells me anything? " "I think I met a relative of yours in town, Smelch. " "Yeah? Well, I heard a few of the boys was to of been took for a glom at the bright lights. But not me. " the Terran inquired casually. " "Three? " Smelch's tail-mounted hand scratched at his mottled scalp with a sound reminiscent of a spade striking marl.

The best, Excellency," the unfortunate fellow whispered, advancing into the room, closely followed by a hulking Lumbagan with a single eye, three legs, an immense grin, and a large, primitive needle gun in his fist. " Shlush hissed in his native tongue to Wilth, who stood frozen against the wall. "To . . to . . have apparently forgotten to load my piece," the latter whispered, and let the impotent weapon fall with a clatter. " the newcomer demanded. Wilth's eyestalks tilted toward his chief.

I just been set upon by a strongarm mob and worked over with lead pipes. " Gloot staggered to his feet. "You were too much for them," Retief reassured his companion. " "Yah, the yellowbellies," Gloot muttered. " Retief asked. "Beats me. " "Let's take a look around," Retief suggested, studying the looming woods above them. " Gloot grunted assent and moved off. Retief followed the curve of the shore for a distance of a hundred yards before the beach narrowed and was pinched out by a rocky ridge extending down from the forest-clad slope above.

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