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By Kenneth Gibbons, Donald C. Rowat

Canadians imagine that their politicians and associations are quite freed from the corruption they go together with different international locations. The editors of this quantity argue that this questionable supposition relies on scant proof and intensely little severe research.

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Many of those who received portions of this money have certainly failed to make the returns demanded of them, and it is impossible now to trace how much has been spent in direct relief and how much in work, and whether the whole ever reached those for whom it was intended. That it was possible to keep account of it was shown by the careful conduct of some of the members who at once paid the amounts received into a special account at a bank and were prepared with cheques and vouchers; but no such system was enjoined, and other recipients simply mixed the money up with their own, and there is nothing but their word to show how it was disbursed.

Coming after so much sensational testimony, the report attracted wide attention even outside the island. "13 Footnotes 1 Newfoundland Archives, Administration of Squires, Warren, and Monroe, c. I, f. 2, "Commission to T. ," 22 Dec. 1923. E A R L Y CORRUPTION IN N E W F O U N D L A N D 2 41 The hearings were held in the Chamber of the Legislative Council. Verbatim reports of all the proceedings were published in the St. -12 March 1923). Excellent comprehensive reports were also published in The Times.

Girouard, chairman of the Select Committee, reported to the House of Commons, that the Committee had "come to the conclusion that the charges made by the honorable member for Montmorency (Mr. Tarte) were substantially - in fact amply-proved as far as the Hon. Thomas McGreevy is concerned, but as far as Sir Hector Langevin is concerned, the members of the Committee came to a division. 12 The evidence showed that not only money but diamonds and other valuable presents were given to officials in the Public Works Department, and that large sums went to a newspaper run in Quebec by Langevin's son-in-law.

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