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Because its origin in 1980, the IEC TC eighty one "lightning safety" of the foreign Electrotechnical fee (IEC) has drawn up assorted criteria, for the safety of structures from lightning, for the safety of electric platforms, for danger research and for the simulation of results of lightning....

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Lightning strikes on the area Am lead exclusively to magnetically induced surges in installation loops in the interior of the building or structure. 2). If the length of the line is not known, or if it is very time-consuming to ascertain it, then, as a worst-case scenario, a value of LC = 1000 m can be set. HC Height (m) of the line above ground level; ρ Earth resistivity (Ωm) in, or on, which the line is laid, up to a maximum value of ρ = 500 Ωm; LC Length (m) of the line, measured from the building or structure to the first distribution junction, or to the first location where surge 32 LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE protective devices are installed, up to a maximum length of 1000 m; H Height (m) of the building or structure; Hb Height (m) of the building or structure; Ha Height (m) of the neighbouring building or structure connected via the line.

1) illustrates the procedure. Starting from the fact that the calculated damage risk R exceeds the tolerable damage risk RT, the first thing to be examined is whether the risk of physical damage caused by a direct lightning strike to a building or structure RB exceeds the tolerable damage risk RT. If this is the case, a complete lightning protection system with suitable external and internal lightning protection must be installed. de sures against the lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP). e. protective measures whose degrees of effectiveness in the case under inspection are comparatively high.

R . h . rf . Lf RV = (NL + NDA) . PV . r . h . rf . Lf Rf = RB + RV D2 Fire, explosions, mechanical and chemical effects D3 RC = ND . PC . Lo Interferences on electrical and electronic systems RM = NM . PM . 1 RW = (NL + NDA) . PW . Lo RZ = (NI – NL) . PZ . 3). In case of the risk component RZ , however, the frequency of lightning strikes next to the supply line Nl has to be reduced by the frequency of direct lightning strikes into the supply line NL. RW Risk of failure of electrical and electronic systems as a result of surges caused by direct lightning strikes to utility lines entering the building or structure.

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