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By Erin Samiloglu

As evil arises from past the grave, a terrified team of students must suddenly fight for their survival. When Juan Fuentes realizes that he cannot in simple terms make items seem out of nowhere, yet also—somehow—bring the useless again to lifestyles, he unwittingly releases 4 ruthless 19th-century murderers from their unmarked graves. Bloodthirsty and ripe for vengeance, the villains wage their assault at the scholars of Gossamer Hall. Frightening and suspenseful, this horror tale follows the scholars as they try to stick alive, and search for the single approach to cease the evil undead.

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George pulled over, and Reagan jumped out and got into the backseat while both her husband and her baby continued their frenzied screaming. 52 Gossamer Hall “It’s okay, my angel,” Reagan murmured to Celeste. ” George hollered from the front seat, “Feed her, you sorry excuse for a fucking woman. You pathetic. ” Reagan fumbled for the belt, unlocking the buckle. The baby’s head fell sideways while she was pulled her from the seat, her loud cries subsiding when she realized food was nearby, and George steered back on the road and gunned it.

The bag, amigo. ” I am dying. ” Lars screamed. “I need—” Lars eyes widened, his brain rocked back and forth in his head while the taller Mexican raised his gun and pointed it at him. ” Everything went black. ” Lars looked up. A dark-haired angel stared at him with large amethyst eyes. She wore the concerned expression of a nurse checking on her patient. And I’m the patient, he realized. ” Lars asked. 29 Erin Samiloglu “You went white all of a sudden,” she said. Two boys sitting in the front of the class were also staring at Lars.

Had scared him when she jumped in the car with a bag not her own. Had scared him when she walked in from the kitchen, that spoon in her hand, that telephone wire, that terrified look when she saw the Mexican gangsters standing at the door. Lars had read once, perhaps in a poem, that when you love someone, you love them forever. He could feel that love still, the same jolt of fire he had felt the first time he had seen Heather in the Madison High School parking lot, watching him from across three lanes of cars with her blond hair blowing back in the wind, the smoke of her cigarette rising up in the late afternoon.

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