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By Douglas Reeman

February 1943. because the stability of the battle slowly shifts in Britain's favour, Lieutenant-Commander Steven Marshall brings his battle-scarred submarine into domestic port. Captain and staff are exhausted after 14 months' non-stop carrier, yet for many there may be no considered depart.

If the enemy cave in in North Africa is to be exploited, each skilled guy may be wanted. Marshall needs to go back to the Mediterranean, yet this time to a really diversified form of struggle. For his new command is mystery and intensely dangerous - a captured German U-boat....

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He watched him leave and then picked up the telephone. When Marshall had been suggested for the appointment he had had no doubts at all. His record, his list of sinkings and other operations spoke volumes. The fact that he had survived was proof enough. But now, having seen him, he was no longer so sure. Yet he could not put his finger on it. Marshall was good all right. On paper, the best man for the job. But there was something missing. He sighed deeply. Youth. That was what Marshall had lost.

Marshall twisted in his chair. ' He saw the stewards exchanging unhappy glances. ' Outside the sealed scuttles he could hear the wind getting up and rain slashing against the ship's tall side. He thought he heard a motor boat chugging abeam, and wondered if it was some sort of security patrol, or maybe on a night exercise. While he sipped his port he thought about Gerrard and wondered what he was doing. In his wife's arms. Or still explaining why he was being sent away again so soon. He glanced at his watch.

But he's married, sir. And he's due for a commanding officer's course at the end of his leave. ' `I know. ' He smiled sadly. ' The smile faded. `Can't be helped. ' Marshall thought of Gerrard's face as the early daylight had found them in the Solent that morning. Like a child seeing a Christmas tree for the first time. It had been an intrusion just to watch him. But as the captain had said, nothing could be done now. It had probably been decided days, even weeks ago that this was going to happen.

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