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She nonetheless refrained, lest he react with outrage at his slave’s daring to inquire into his lineage. He may spring from an illegitimate Rakoczy branch, she warned herself, or a line wholly untraceable. Don’t risk angering him, when you aren’t even sure whether you’ll succeed as his initiate. On his part, Michael exultingly observed that the scholar who spoke with the assurance born of expert knowledge exhibited the vibrancy that so entranced him, and yet in no way presumed on his willingness to allow his possession to converse with him as an equal during the short span of the meal.

I want a slave prepared to welcome any demand I make on her, of whatever nature—even this woman. Especially this woman! Soothed himself by the action of swirling water, he murmured in the ear of his possession, “Lovely, you are, little innocent. ” “Mm. ” “Yes! ” A laugh devoid of the slightest sardonic overtone erupted from the man tickled by that wholly artless and manifestly truthful statement. Sobering, he warned, “Gear your mind to accept whatever demand I lay on you, without analyzing my motive in so doing, little wood nymph.

Mmm. You need a lesson in pleasuring the tool I’ll drive into you at some future point. ” Still holding his slave clasped in one arm, Gabrielle’s Awakening 40 Michael presented the item for her perusal. Stifling acute disappointment, Gabrielle studied a gleaming black replica of a fully engorged, sizeable penis, lifelike in shape to the veins standing out on its non-metallic, jelly-like surface. A flared base matched that of the shaft still tormenting her anus. “You’ll find this cock warm to the touch,” her master assured her.

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