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By Carolyn S. Bailey, Clara M. Lewis

A decision number of tales for the preschool baby, conscientiously chosen, tailored, and organized through veteran kindergarten academics. comprises nature tales, vacation tales, fairy stories and fantasy, in addition to tales of domestic lifestyles. Emphasis is put on fanciful stories for his or her price within the education of the mind's eye and on cumulative stories for constructing a kid's humorousness and beautiful to his instinctive love of rhyme and jingle. Suiitable for kids a while four to 7.

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It glittered like the surface of a pool of water when the sun touches it. They could see their faces in it—oh, so clearly! They decided to take it to the dear-mother. Ah, the dear-mother—who cooked, and sewed for them, and nursed them when they were ill, and was always ready to answer their questions—she would know. So they took the glittering thing in to her. She thought it was pretty. She always liked anything they brought in, if it were only a bit of sea weed, or a star fish. She said it was made of precious metal, and perhaps the sea had washed it up.

She never spoke to them, but sometimes she looked sad when she came upon one of them doing a mean or greedy thing. Oh, how stern her eyes were the day she found Wilhelm telling a lie! No one could make them believe she was only a dream, or a bit of sea fog. Had she not left the thimble for Mai, which pushed the needle so fast that a long seam was finished before you could say "Jack Robinson"? Who else brought the boots for Gregory, which helped him run so quickly on an errand that even his dog, Oyster, could not keep up with him?

Just then he saw something round and dirty, like a withered apple—but the round thing began to talk! "Oh, dear," it said; "I have been lying here in this dirty place for weeks, with no one good enough for me to play with. " Then the Top knew it was the Ball, lost so long ago. Just then came a maid to clear out the dust bin. The first thing she saw was the Top. She took it to the little boy again, and both the Top and the little boy were happy. But the Ball was thrown away. The Top never spoke of the Ball.

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