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5%, respectively. Only the use of specified grades of stearic acid is permitted by the FDA regulations for the products. 1 Reaction at the Carboxylic Acid Group Lactylated Monoglycerides. The carboxylic acid group of lactic acid can react with the hydroxyl group of other fatty acid-derived compositions to yield emulsifiers that are useful in many food products. One of the most common fatty acid compositions used is a reaction product with a monoglyceride to form a lactylated monoglyceride identified in the FDA regulations as glycerol-lacto esters of fatty acids.

Since the acetic anhydride is monofunctional, there is no danger of polymers being formed. The acetylated monoglycerides may also be formed by an interesterification process. In this case, triacetin is interesterified with a suitable mixture of edible fats or oils and glycerol, as illustrated in Equation 13. In this case, the composition of the final mixture can be calculated using a random distribution (Feuge and Bailey, 1946). The final reaction mixture is separated by means of steam-stripping and molecular distillation.

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