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By Adrian Akers-Douglas

A mixture of sensible reasons and self–help strategies from an airline pilot and a medical psychologist to help readers triumph over an apprehension of flying
Sometimes pointless anxiousness is attributable to occasions which airline crews may possibly take with no consideration, together with points of flights which are mystifying or alarming to much less common flyers. This new version accommodates the new advances in know-how in the aviation undefined, in addition to the elevated defense exams because of September eleven, 2001, and the becoming scourge of cellphones within the air. This ebook may help readers come to phrases with what's truly a secure kind of travel.

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It would not be sensible to detail all the precautions which are taken to prevent terrorists gaining access to aircraft or being in 58 Conquer Your Fear Of Flying a position to place bombs on board them. Most passengers will be aware of some of them: the screening of hand-baggage, body searches, etc, but other activities are taking place out of sight. These may include the Xraying of all luggage, the presence in the airport of armed and plain-clothes police, the use of State intelligence agencies to pinpoint possible threats, and training given to airline staff to help them recognise the ‘personality profile’ of potentially unwelcome customers.

However, we pass each other so quickly that, seen sideways on from the passenger cabin, they are usually in sight for only a few seconds, and thus missed unless you happen to be glancing out at just the right time. 35 Flying? No Fear! Knowing Where We’re Going The world is covered by a network of ‘Airways’, rather like roadways in the sky, along which civil (and sometimes military) aircraft fly under the watchful eye of Air Traffic Control. These Airways are usually about ten miles wide, and many thousands of feet ‘thick’.

Of course a Jet Stream can be a Good Thing: if it is going in the same direction as the flight, we can often hitch a free ride in it with no turbulence at all. The turbulence is usually found on the edge of the Jet Stream, rather than actually within it. If the worst comes to the worst and we do encounter CAT, it will probably not last long: 20 to 30 minutes is typical. It can be extremely uncomfortable for passengers, as the aircraft bucks and heaves, leaving your stomach somewhere up on the roof of the cabin.

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