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By Diane Glancy

Incorporating components of fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry, Diane Glancy’s tales are lyrical but all the way down to earth, frequently difficult and gritty. Experimental, occasionally surreal in shape, they however obstacle people who find themselves very real-a color-blind younger boy who watches planes in flight and imagines colour; a shy stamp collector who speculates that he and his pal, just like the stamps, may well pass wherever through the U.S. submit place of work; an outdated girl who dies within the chilly panorama of her internal lifestyles yet keeps her imaginative and prescient; a cynical lady reluctant to take hazards with one more touring man.In spite of life’s difficult realities, Firesticks is full of humor and wish and a sewing jointly of cultures, because the crossblood characters look for their identities.

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Of course I do. " "It's more than that. It's the leftover lives of people. " Wood ducks, doorstep cow, pewter candlesticks like icicles. " "Stamps like square snowflakes with lace-tatting edges, stained with some grim face. " "Seventy-five dollars for the church pew. I wouldn't pay that for a church pew. " "Chay mah cay. " "Ho twoddy. " "They're kitsch. The leftover bric-a-brac of language. I don't know, Navorn, what they mean. They're praise to the Great Spirit. Sounds that are nearly words.

Even after eye-surgery they jumped like corn in the skillet he thought. Page 4 The far lights of Oklahoma City were not connected with the earth. Maybe that was the way the earth looked from a plane at night. Louis watched the earth, soft and moving from the bodies under it. He wanted to fly the planes he heard from Tinker Air Force base. But no Indian was a pilot. His brothers told him that. No Indian was anything but in the way. A leftover walking in two worlds. What else could they do? They could live in the second world Louis saw from the window.

My mother saw it from her dark window. But the car drove on. Later that night another foreman's house was bombed. Never ours. I was always safe in my middle-of-the-road bed. Meanwhile the woman and her two children across the street disappeared somewhere. Probably to a death camp outside Kansas City where they took unwanted women and their children. I remember walking to Dabner's grocer on the corner before they left. I bought the two kids candy with my allowance. Those pastel pinkyellowblue dots stuck to a strip of white glossy paper.

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