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From stories of prior volumes:

''Essential for chemistry collections on the collage and study levels.'' —New York Public Library

''Highly instructed . . . plenty of succinct, useful details on fresh advancements . . . in a layout that's effortless to exploit. The reagents are taken up in alphabetical order (common utilization names, no longer CAS indexing code names), occasionally numerous to a web page, occasionally a number of pages to a reagent. possible look forward to finding how you can make the reagent (in unfastened terms), or the place it may be obtained, what it really is solid for, and the place to hunt entire information. As with past volumes, you'll take advantage of simply looking, no matter if one doesn't consider a necessity to appear up any specific topic. it really is therefore a secondary functionality of the publication to assist one hold abreast of the sector, and it might be an extraordinary chemist who wouldn't examine whatever new and worthy from an off-the-cuff perusal of the pages.'' —Journal of the yankee Chemical Society

REAGENTS FOR natural SYNTHESIS quantity 1 1967 (0-471-25875-X) 1,475 pp. quantity 2 1969 (0-471-25876-8) 538 pp. quantity three 1972 (0-471-25879-2) 401 pp. quantity four 1974 (0-471-25881-4) 660 pp. quantity five 1975 (0-471-25882-2) 864 pp. quantity 6

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Rlidesand can be +BuNH2. , Eilbracht,P. T 54, l}72l (lggg). , Nomura,M. JOC 62,4564(1997). , Kitamura,N. NJC 22,659(1998). T 54,2723(1998). Bis(sym-collidine)iodine(I) salts. t Medium-sized compounds from unsaturated acids are prepared. 2 Iodination is efficient, bromination using the conesponding Br(I) reagentis also reported. r-. r) he presenceof the *NArA-N' p F^. ' Glycals undergo addition with the iodonium perchlorate and 2-(trimethylsilyl)ethanesulfonamide to afford 2-iodo-l-sulfonamide adducts which are transformed into the protected aminoglycosides on alcoholysis.

ACS120,10032(1998). t meso-l ,4-Bis(siloxy)-2-alkenes undergo regioselective isomerization on treatment with a BINAP-Rh complex. On exposure to BuoNF the enol ether moiety of the products is hydrolyzed (a TBS group can be retained). ' alkenyl- and arylboronic acids surrenderthe organic residuesto the B-carbonof enones(2 I examples,9l-97Vo ee). rr. , Ogasawara, K. , Miyaura'N. , Ogasawara, Ruthenium complexes o-Hydroxy lactonesr and y-acetamino-B-hydroxy Asymmetrichydrogenation esters2in chiral form are createdfrom o,,y-diketoestersand 4-acetamino-3-keto-4-alkenoic esters,respectively, on hydrogenation.

Rlcdseven-membered cF3cH(NMej2 znctz Et2O , Fsc cFs (R)'2,2"8is(diphenytarsino)-1'l'-binaphthvl 40 g-Bicdi? 8cr|dltlr coodcasr lxo. , Dolbier,w. R. 35Vo" O,O'-disilyl intermediates is aiplicable by catalyzed is silyl carboxylate formation step l3_membered, 1g-ggvo). An^initial at O-silylation is tt]"-*^"U by an intramolecular (Ph3P)lRhCl at room Emperature which cyclic the occurs when g0". cT. Coppa, Albl4t rcadilr obte Pntd I rz o Ao* t \o, R rz HSi)i\ ^t'(v f*o'''lO \o'. 99'7)' (R)-2,2'-Bis(diphenylarsino)-1'1'-binaphthylll*n The usefulnessof the As analogof reactions't IntrarnolecularasymmetricHeck has been of iodoalkenylcyclohexadienes cyclization irr" ro, ligand a as BINAP demonstrated.

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