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By Paula D. Nesbitt

Feminization is related to take place while ladies input any given profession in colossal numbers, and ostensibly results in such dynamics as sex-segregation, decreased possibilities for males, and depressed wages and reduced status for the career as an entire. Spanning greater than 70 years, Paula Nesbitt's research of feminization concentrates at the Episcopal Church and the Unitarian Universalist organization, using either statistical effects and interviews to match occupational styles earlier and next to the big inflow of ladies clergy. between her findings, the writer discovers decline in men's possibilities is obvious ahead of the Nineteen Seventies, previous the nice inflow of girls over the past twenty years. She additionally unearths that raises within the variety of ladies ordained diminished occupational clients for different girls, yet greater these for males, therefore contradicting the preferred fantasy that ladies within the place of work are liable for occupational decline.

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Should career trajectories of male clergy in both denominations be similar over time, including the period when Episcopal men only were ordained, then occupational changes evident for men prior to the large influx of women should be attributable to causes other than feminization. Also, should the career trajectories of women clergy be substantially similar in both denominations, then arguments such as denominational beliefs and practices, polity, occupational structure, or lack of experience with women clergy34 cannot be responsible for differing occupational outcomes between men and women clergy.

Rev. Kenneth E. Kirk, late Anglican Bishop of Oxford: The wife and mother would be severely tempted to arrogate to herself a sexual equality with, if not superiority to, her husband analogous to the position of her ordained unmarried sister; dangerous strains would be introduced into domestic life; and the integrity of the Christian doctrine of the married relationship would be gravely challenged. 80 Where women feel empowered to reject traditionally subordinate, self-sacrificial roles reinforced by religious doctrine and tradition, then negative ramifications for men could ensue in declining domestic and economic support services, in increased competition for jobs and organizational leadership, and for control of doctrinal and religious authority.

Denominations granting women's ordination crested in the early 1970s, when the Lutheran Church in America and the American Lutheran Church granted full ordination to women (1970), the Mennonite Church in North America ordained its first woman (1973), the first female rabbis were ordained in Reform (1972) and Reconstructionist (1974) Judaism, the Episcopal Church voted to ordain women to the diaconate (1970) and to the priesthood (1976), and the Evangelical Covenant Church approved women's ordination (1976).

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