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By Cornelis C. Tijssen M.D., Michael R. Halprin M.D., Lambertus J. Endtz M.D. (auth.)

Heredity, surroundings, the function of infectious brokers, and different affects were stated inside a multiplicity of things of attainable relevance to the matter of neoplasm etiology. from time to time, reminiscent of that of retinoblastoma the effect of hereditary elements has been essentially proven. The impact of genetic elements in cerebral tumour improvement has been less than dialogue considering that as early as 1896 while Besold suggested sisters being affected by mind tumours. even though even more is referred to now in regards to the class, diagnosis, and therapy of those tumours, and a couple of familial circumstances were stated, the current facts are inadequate to allow conclusions concerning the effect of hereditary components within the etiology of such a lot forms of cerebral neoplasms, and examine during this sector is urgently required. examine on familial mind tumours needs to nonetheless be mostly established upon the cumulative case histories that have been mentioned. even though a few papers include old experiences, a few in tabulated shape, the particular info haven't been on hand to the researcher, every one investigator being obliged to collect anew all reviews released at the topic over an eighty 12 months interval. This ebook represents an try by way of the current authors to collect the pertinent information on person instances of familial mind tumours released considering that 1896. For this objective the basic info from the unique articles in German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Czechoslovakian were translated into English.

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Babinski sign was equivocal bilaterally. There was no other focal neurological abnormality. Plain X-ray films of the skull showed diastasis of the coronal suture and enlargement of the posterior cranial fossa. A ventriculogram suggested the presence of a midcerebellar tumor. At operation one week after admission (suboccipital craniectomy) there were tumor infiltrations over both cerebellar hemispheres and the vermis. The main portion of the tumor was in the fourth ventricle. The tumor appeared bluish gray, friable and hemorrhagic.

There were no cerebellar signs. At walking he appeared to stagger to the right and held head and neck extended. Radiographs of the skull showed sutural diastasis. A ventriculogram showed a large mid-line posterior fossa space-occupying lesion with an associated upward herniation through the tentorium . F. contained 10 mgm protein per 100 ml. A suboccipital craniectomy was performed 2 days after admission as a matter of urgency. A soft grey very vascular tumour was found in the lower part of the vermis at a depth of 1-2 cm.

Y: A partly necrotic tumour was seen. The surviving part was very cellular without any division into stroma and parenchyma. The nuclei were mostly oval or more elongated with a moderate chromatin content and mitoses were very numerous. £~~~~~~~~: 2 Medulloblastoma of the cerebellum. = case = case 1 2 2 There were three other siblings, two sisters and one brother. No further data concerning the family are mentioned in the article. 4. C. (4) Two sisters. Chinese family from Hong Kong. Case 1 ~~~~~~~: The patient was the sixth child in the family.

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