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By Sandye Gloria-Palermo

This ebook argues for the originality of Carl Menger's contribution to the improvement of the Austrian tuition of economics, opposed to the dominant orthodoxy within the heritage of monetary idea.

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The position where an economy can settle is not simple to specify or predict. 87 Conventions can cast light on the properties of a suboptimal equilibrium state, the existence of which is itself of theoretical interest. These are the sorts of quotations from Keynes which catch the eye and which form the axis around which the interpretation here will gravitate. 31 On interpreting Keynes [I]t is an outstanding characteristic of the economic system in which we live that, whilst it is subject to severe fluctuations in respect of output and employment, it is not violently unstable.

Free individuals spontaneously enter into these informal relationships with each other. 82 Keynes is most explicit in his famous 1937 QJE article so stressed by Shackle. Knowing that our own individual judgment is worthless, we endeavour to fall back on the judgment of the rest of the world, which is perhaps better informed. That is, we endeavour to conform with the behaviour of the majority or the average. 83 29 On interpreting Keynes The importance of conventions is that they can promote stability and, if they are breached by a disequilibrating shock of sufficient magnitude, then the initial deviation from full employment can be amplified considerably.

Gordon, ‘Recent developments in the theory of inflation and unemployment’, Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 2, 1976, pp. 185–219, esp. pp. Akerlof, ‘The case against conservative macroeconomics: an inaugural lecture’, Economica, vol. 46, August 1979, pp. 219–37. Lawrence Klein, The Economics of Supply and Demand, Oxford, Basil Black well, 1983, ch. 6, expresses concern over how younger economists have too eagerly embraced the REH as both a theoretical tool and as a guide for policymaking. Kochin, ‘Searching for an explanation of unemployment in interwar Britain’, Journal of Political Economy, vol.

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