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Aiding create the sharpest follow-up to an interview, the kindest thanks, and the main heartfelt condolence letters, this sensible consultant aids in composing larger and extra inventive letters.

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Some people prefer instead to list names alphabetically to avoid the issue of who to list first. Gender or Name Unknown If you're writing to an individual whose gender you don't know, don't assume "he's" masculine. The most accepted method of addressing that person is to omit the social title and simply use the person's first and last name (or initials, if initials are all you have). Address: Terry Smith or T. S. S. Smith: < previous page page_45 next page > If you like this book, buy it! html[2/25/2010 7:26:18 PM] page_46 page_46 < previous page next page > Page 46 When addressing a generic someone representing a company, organization, or agency, the best (and most gender-sensitive) method to address that person is with a position title: Address: Customer Service Representative ABC Corporation Salutation: Dear Customer Service Representative: Address: Social Security Representative Social Security Administration Salutation: Dear Social Security Representative: This form of address avoids the masculine Dear Sir or Dear Sirs approach.

4. Simplified. With the exception of the simplified format, business letter formats vary primarily in where you place the date and the complimentary close. Which format you choose is strictly a matter of personal preference. Many people prefer the simplicity of the block format, in which all text lines up flush with the left margin, while others prefer the more balanced look of modified block or modified semiblock, in which the date and complimentary close are positioned just right of center. The simplified letter format, which omits both the salutation and the complimentary close, might sound like a tempting format shortcut, but you'll probably opt against using it: Letters written in this format come across as abrupt and impersonal.

____ Makes its purpose relevant to the reader: states why he or she should read it. ____ Demonstrates audience-focus by using more "you" than "we" language. ____ Uses language most appropriate for this reader. ____ Avoids impersonal business clichés, such as "per your request," "enclosed please find," "with regard to the above matter," ''received this date," etc. ____ Sets a tone likely to get the intended response. Meet your reader's needs if it. . , short paragraphs, bulleted lists). ____ Gives information in the order the reader would want it.

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