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By Maurice Wibo (auth.), Jacques E. Dumont, Barry L. Brown, Nicholas J. Marshall (eds.)

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Heterogeneity 3. Negative cooperativity 4. Positive cooperativity 5. Negative & positive cooperativity DISSOCIABLE RECEPTOR TWO-STEP RECEPTOR C. Glucagon 1971 1971 1974 1973 1974 Kono & Barham Cuatrecasas Lesniak et al. Lee & Ryan Verrier et al. Fat cells 1. Homogeneity Insulin TIGHTLY COUPLED RECEPTORS Examples of Recently Proposed Models of Hormone-Receptor Interaction B. A. M. E. DUMONT 38 If only a fraction of the total bound hormone is retained on the mi11ipore filter or trapped in a centrifugation pellet, the Scatchard graph is once again distorted : from its upward convexity, a false conclusion of positive cooperativity could be drawn (Figure 8).

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