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By Wesley K. Wark

Highlights of the quantity contain pioneering essays at the technique of intelligence reviews through Michael Fry and Miles Hochstein, and the long run perils of the surveillance nation by way of James Der Derian. prime specialists at the historical past of Soviet/Russian intelligence, Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky, give a contribution essays at the ultimate days of the KGB. additionally, the mythology surrounding the lifetime of moment global warfare intelligence leader, Sir William Stephenson, the guy known as Intrepid', is penetrated in a persuasive revisionist account via Timothy Naftali. the gathering is rounded off via a sequence of essays dedicated to unearthing the background of the Canadian intelligence carrier.

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First, that as surveillance intensifies, the truth becomes not clearer, but more ambiguous, attenuated, removed from any material referent. Second, intertextualism reveals a strategic sensitivity: theoretical investigations do not serve as sovereign methods to order and verify facts but as part of a subjective social process by which political identities and differences are constructed and promoted. Third, in a polyphonic, multicultural, multipolar, three-ring world, we can no longer rely on the word of one theoros, one proxenos to convey the truth.

Crudely, both can be said to have their origins in a kind of state-sanctioned voyeurism. This is further born out by the etymology of intelligence itself, from intelligere 36 ESPIONAGE: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE? (to see into, to perceive) and the early synonymy of 'intelligencer' and 'speculator'. 25 The point? As an alienated, speculative, perceptual knowledge of knowledge, intelligence is theory and theory is intelligence. It is in their very resistance to pure knowing and their affinity for partial seeing that both activities find their legitimation and standing.

29 Hence, since intelligence is - probably more than any other practice of international relations - a rhetorically conveyed and textually constituted field, an intertextua/ approach is called for. INTERTEXTUALISM AND INTERNATIONAL THEORY An intertext, defined by the semiologist Roland Barthes as 'a multidimensional space in which a variety of writings, none of them original, blend and clash', 30 aptly covers the field of intelligence, where there is no final arbiter of truth, meaning is derived from an interrelationship of texts, and power is implicated by the contingent nature and ambiguity of language and other signifying practices.

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