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When a shamanenactsa rite, he is not calling on the spirits' power alone, but also on his own skill and reservesof spiritual energy. Rites are spell-like abilities, roughly equivalentto spells with similar effects and can be dispelled, counteredor blocked by Spell Resistance. spendsa few minutes thanking his allies for the magic with which they empowerhim with. He sits down and chants,burns herbs or wavesthem around, anything that pleasesthe spirits so they lend him the energy and knowledge to cast spells.

The strongestemotion is panic. You coax the spirits to manifest their voices in the Material Plane. Their voices are part of the original song of creation, and their echo interfereswith all spellcasting, supernaturaland spell-like abilities as well as creating a distracting rhythm. Every creaturetrying to cast a spell or use a supernatural or spell-like ability must make a castercheck (1d20 + HD or casterlevel, DC 11 + your casterlevel) or it will not work. Magic items work normally, as do spells or abilities entering the areabut cast or activated outside it.

39 SPIRIT DOMAINS AND SPELLS Granted Power: Seeactive spirits within 60' with a SPIRIT DOMAINS successfulSpotcheck (DC 20) andguesstheirnature and intentions. Dormant spirits can be spottedat DC 25. AND I Detect Spirits * 2 Detect Dimensional Disturbance * 3 Dismissal 4 Ethereal Jaunt 5 Power Walk * 6 Awaken 7 Awaken the Land * 8 Ethereal/Spiritual Junction * 9 Astral Projection SPELLS S pirits know magic; it is a part of their nature as Creation's stagehands, and they can share this power with the shaman who can press them into his service.

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