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By M. El-Ghonemy

The e-book specializes in 3 major themes:*overpopulation linked to low productiveness, unemployment, power poverty and susceptible mark downs and funding capacity*the post-1950 improvement suggestions and their outcomes*the institutional constructions which are constraining fiscal and political development. Egypt within the 21st Century is a miles wanted research into the long term monetary reform and restructuring and examines the demanding situations forward for the rustic. It presents authoritative analyses from a set of revered teachers and a wealth of latest facts. it is going to attract all these attracted to the political economic climate of up to date Egypt. agriculture, and political structures.

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Notes * An earlier version of this chapter was published in International Journal of Middle East Studies, Volume 32, May 2000, pp. 255–75. Permission for republication was granted to the editor by Cambridge University Press in July 2002. 1 These five questions represent a modified and expanded version of the original 1990 Human Development Index (UNDP 1990), which focused on just three variables: life expectancy, adult literacy and income. However, subsequent revisions to the 1990 Human Development Index added variables relating to poverty and inequality (see UNDP 1998: 15).

For instance, agriculture has always had a virtually free market wage system, with the laws of supply and demand setting daily wage levels. By contrast, government has had a very rigid wage system, with annual wage increases being pegged closely to increases in seniority. Yet the recent fall in real wages in Egypt seems to have affected both sectors of the economy – agriculture and government – with equal vengeance. The decline in real wages has probably been a major factor leading to the recent rise in urban and rural poverty.

Under normal circumstances, Gini coefficients simply do not show such large changes over such short periods of time. 6. In all likelihood, the large and unusual changes in these Gini coefficients are caused by measurement error. In other words, because many transactions in rural Egypt are non-monetized, measuring the expenditures of rural households is more difficult than measuring those in urban Egypt. For example, problems such as measuring the value of home-produced food items and measuring the value of goods received as payment in kind render it more difficult to accurately measure household expenditures in rural Egypt.

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