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By Alexandra Kleinerman

This booklet examines a suite of 22 literary letters and comparable compositions the Sumerian Epistolary Miscellany (SEpM) studied as a part of the previous Babylonian Sumerian scribal curriculum, in an try to greater comprehend the schooling method at the present. the writer contains dialogue of the character of the letters as scribal innovations, the pedagogical functionality of literary letters and compilation drugs, in addition to the construction, implementation and consistency of the complicated Sumerian scribal curriculum. the quantity additionally comprises severe variations of SEpM in addition to ancillary Sumerian letters studied within the Nippur colleges, the vast majority of which have been formerly unpublished.

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Uk3 (W 16743gb): [. ], SEpM 2, [. ], CKU 1, [. ] Bottom fragment with two columns per side. 16 The first two signs of the last line of this compositions, lugal-@u10, can belong to any number of SEpM compositions. ) obv. col. i: [. ], SEpM 2:1–4 col. ii: [SEpM 2:5–12, . , CKU 1:1–14], 25–28 rev. col. iii: CKU 1: 29–32, [. ] col. iv: blank? Ur1 (UET 6/2 173; UET 6/2 173): SEpM 19, UrL 1,17 SEpM 1, SEpM 4, UrL 3, SEpM 8, (X) Bottom half of a tablet with two columns per side. Based on col. i, there seems to have been approximately 35 lines per side.

At stake is either the size of the plots in which the land was divided or the allocation of said plots. This is followed by a request (ll. 8–10) for instructions from 32 chapter two the king, presumably regarding the settlement of the dispute. The letter closes with further narrative (ll. 11–15) introducing an additional complaint, that of insufficient manpower. The relationship between the claims raised by Iqbi-sum and Abi-qati (l. 7) to the complaint at the end of the letter is unclear. By placing the request in the middle of the letter, the Nippur version of SEpM 13 deviates from the order in which both SEpM 11 and 12 are structured.

As such, the divisions seem to reflect emic categories, although the titles for the groups are, of course, modern. 39 Editions of each 36 Already in 1970, for instance, Wilcke (1970, 67–69) was able to identify manuscripts Ali did not include. 37 Michalowski 2011. 38 Brisch 2007. 39 See editions (Ch. 4) for references to previous publications. 40 Also included here are an additional twelve letters known from Nippur (Additional Nippur Letters, or ANL), but which almost never occur on SEpM compilations.

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