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By Nick Sagan

Now in paperback: the follow-up to Idlewild,.

A microbial apocalypse referred to as Black Ep has nearly wiped humanity from the globe. The few to outlive the epidemic at the moment are dedicated to the duty of rebuilding a relaxed society, yet no longer every person stocks this idyllic imaginative and prescient. and because the factions conflict, a brand new organic possibility strikes opposed to them to complete what Black Ep begun.

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Sleep, I tell him. Minutes later he takes my suggestion, though I do not. I lie wide awake in my sleeping bag, listening to the rise and fall of his breathing. I notice that my left ankle has stiffened painfully and I flex it back and forth in the hopes of soothing it. Great books surround me here in the accommodating yet strangely pungent library where we have made camp, but I am no more in the mood to read than I am capable of sleep. Voices from across the hall end my attempts at meditation. One is louder than the others, and as I listen my opinion vacillates as to whether this is a conversation, a lecture or an argument.

Had I lived thousands of years ago, it might be green grass. Look backward; every desert was once lush. A cold wind embraces me and I do not care. Twilight is my favorite time, and tonight the sky is clear. I can gaze up into endless lapis lazuli and count the pinpoints of pure, white light. Beauty seen is only eclipsed by beauty unseen, and though the vast distance of space keeps trillions of worlds from my eyes, it cannot keep them from my mind. What orbits that star? That one, the lowest in Ursa Major?

For various reasons, only six of the ten survived. Of those six, only four remain committed to repopulating the Earth with humans and/or posthumans, a cause I consider noble in my good moods and the blackest of comedies in my bad ones. And these four—Isaac, Vashti, Champagne and Pandora—continue to work against extinction by winnowingvast stores of genetic material, begetting new life through ABCs: artificial birthing chambers. With rare exceptions, what they create survives Black Ep. New children walk the Earth, but what kind of children are they?

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