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By Mike Searle

• Expanded part Quests! entire walkthroughs for each facet quest record every thing from maps to loot rewards.
• Spoiler Alert: Spoiler warnings integrated through the guide.
• Over forty categorised maps! From the traditional dwarven castle Kal'Hirol to the lethal Dragonbone wastes.
• Full walkthroughs demonstrate pivotal tale offerings, puzzle secrets and techniques, and each quest stop!
• Expert information on how to maximise your new skills!

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At level 20, the two new Mage school chains open up. The Fade Shield chain increases your mastery of the elements. Fade Shield soups up your Arcane Shield to further defend against magic attacks and reduce physical damage. Elemental Mastery increases elemental damage from other spells while it’s in effect. Attunement gives a +10 bonus to willpower, magic, and combat mana regeneration. Time Spiral can win you the day when it resets all your cooldowns and suddenly makes all spells possible for active duty.

0 20 5 No 30 0 Resilience 8 Rages no longer wear so heavily on the Berserker’s body. The stamina regeneration penalty applied by Berserk is reduced, and the Berserker gains a bonus to nature resistance. 0 0 0 No 0 0 Constraint 10 The Berserker has learned to retain control during rages, reducing Berserk’s penalty to stamina regeneration. 0 0 0 No 0 0 Final Blow 12 All the Berserker’s stamina goes into a single swing. If the blow connects, the attack inflicts extra damage proportional to the amount of stamina lost.

If you’ve maxed out your strength and skills properly, you can pick up Critical Strike. Critical Strike promises an automatic critical hit and massive damage to a single target. Use it in any one-on-one fight or when you have lots of stamina in a longer fight. À Dip into the Berserker specialization. Berserk increases damage for each of your strokes, though your stamina will suffer a bit. Resilience helps offset Berserk’s stamina penalty, as does Constraint. Speaking of offsetting penalties, Two-Handed Strength minimizes the penalties from Powerful Swings.

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