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By Eric Butterworth

The inspirational vintage that has
sold over 250,000 copies!

In this vintage paintings, Eric Butterworth sees the divine inside of us all to be a hidden and untapped source of unlimited abundance. Exploring this "depth potential," Butterworth outlines ways that we will be able to unencumber the ability locked inside us and allow our "light shine."

"There is just one means less than the solar in which a guy can in achieving his 'Mt. Olympus' -- that's to claim, in attaining the belief and unfoldment of his personal innate divinity -- and that's by means of bringing a few radical and everlasting swap for the higher in his personal consciousness," writes Butterworth.

Butterworth demonstrates that the life of this divine measurement in each one person is the best discovery of all time. He explains the universality of such very important topics as: how one can prevail; the best way to pray; how to define self belief; how you can triumph over own difficulties; and the way to discover therapeutic. With perception and sensitivity, Butterworth opens new doorways of self-knowledge, and descriptions ways that we will be able to liberate the ability within.

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Discover the power within you

The inspirational vintage that hassold over 250,000 copies! during this vintage paintings, Eric Butterworth sees the divine inside of us all to be a hidden and untapped source of unlimited abundance. Exploring this "depth potential," Butterworth outlines ways that we will unlock the ability locked inside of us and enable our "light shine.

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It simply evidences the fact that we are all much more a part of this principle than we have realized. There is a law of consciousness. Jesus makes it very clear, and we will deal with this in detail later in the book. But we are all better than we know. We have higher thoughts than we have realized. And none of us is as low or base as he thinks he is. Something of the depths of us is always filtering through and becoming part of our JESUS' UNIQUE CONCEPT OF GOD | 39 total consciousness. Thus, the most evil thought is modified by God's love in us, simply because we are really better than that thought.

What is this freedom? It is not license to live without restraints but the inward motivation to tame the raw spiri­ tual power that is within us, to harness our divine potential, and to move in the direction of our highest good. Schiller holds that freedom is not doing as we like, but becoming what we should. This is a meaning of the word that should be broadcast widely today. ” I must reply, “No, there is no possibility that we can either understand or demonstrate what Jesus is teaching unless we make the 'great decision/ ” However, let us be mighty sure of our terms.

Why does he have such confidence that the principle will support his conclusion? Simply because he knows it is principle. He never thinks of accusing the principle of mathematics for any error that he may make. It never occurs to him to trace the errors of JESUS* UNIQUE CONCEPT O F GOD | 35 his ledger to the principle of mathematics. To him, it is the most unerring thing in the world. And so prayer was with Jesus. It never occurred to Jesus to trace the death of Lazarus to God. Other men might have thought that it was God's will, and that for some wise and inscrutable purpose of His own, God had taken this fine youth from his two sisters in the healthy prime of his life.

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