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In "Dioxin, Agent Orange: The Facts," Michael Gough digests and analyzes the volumes of contradictory evidence clouding this factor. From an independent standpoint, he investigates such questions as: Does dioxin reason melanoma? What are the fast and, if any, long term results of publicity? Can it reason beginning defects in young children? Has it triggered the deaths of Vietnam veterans?

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8 That dedsion appeared to have no importance at all: The Oepartment of Oefense (000) promptly responded that it did not need to make any changes to comply with that policy. According to the 000, all spraying had always been done away from populated areas. Five months later, in March 1970, for whatever reasons, perhaps increasing political pressure, the 000 announced that it would reduce herbicide spraying by 25%. But events moved quickly then, overcoming any plans of the 000 to move to other intermediate fallback positions.

Because of these political developments, Agent Orange was AGENT ORANGE AND VIETNAM 57 being phased out when the AAAS sent its Herbicide Assessment Committee (HAC), led by Professor Matthew Meselson, to Vietnam in 1970. Scientists, when talking about each other, award few accolades; "He's bright" is effusive praise. Meselson is bright. Over a decade before his trip to Vietnam, he and another young scientist, Frank Stahl, had designed and carried out an elegant experiment that solved one of the riddles of DNA repIication.

When America went to war in Vietnam, its conventional army fought infantry unencumbered by heavy weapons and independent of long supply lines. Since the American way of war relies on overwhelming firepower to devastate the enemy and hold down American casualities, the jungles of Vietnam hampered the American war machine. Heavy weapons, virtually immobilized in the jungles, were restricted to travel on highways and deployment in large base camps. Our infantry, which required large amounts of supplies, could not use the jungle as effectively as the enemy.

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