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The exchange rate is floating, but the central banks buy and sell currencies as a means of influencing the rates. The aim may be to improve the international competitiveness or to achieve a given inflation target. Since 1985, the leading industrial nations have attempted on several occasions to take joint action to correct what have been perceived to be underor overvalued real exchange rates. S. when the economy began to come under pressure from a highly valued dollar in the middle of the 1980s.

For example, when prices, including those of non-monetary gold (gold used for purposes other than minting coins), rose in a country, it became profitable for the public to sell notes and coins to the central bank in return for gold, and then sell the gold in the open market. Consequently, the quantity of money declined, and the price of gold and other prices fell again. Some countries went off the gold standard temporarily, and borrowed from the central bank, normally to pay for the cost of a war.

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