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Logan was sitting across from her, reclining against an old fallen tree with his shirt off. Well, that wasn’t quite right, actually – the truth was he hadn’t found a new shirt since leaving the tunnels. Laura looked down at her dress. It had grown dirty and worn in the past few days. A pity, that, but she had more important things to attend to. Getting up, she walked quietly over to Logan and crouched down beside him. He looked to her and rose his arm, and she settled comfortably against his body.

The mother bear stopped and looked back, waiting for her cub. The little cub saw his mother ahead, and started to gallop towards her. He fell, but got up quickly, and ran again towards her. When he reached his mother, she nuzzled the back of his neck a bit, and then they continued on in the same direction. Laura could still hear the hunters to the right. The mother and cub were going to walk right into them, and both were going to get killed. Maybe, if luck were on her side, they would turn back, or somehow to avoid the humans altogether.

She had lost her human smell as soon as the transformation had finished, and now the vampires chasing them had no clear lead. For all she knew, they could still be lost in the underground maze. What she did know, however, was that they were miles away from civilization. Miles away from any people. At the thought of people, something stirred deep inside of her. A desire unlike any other. A madness that came from the pit of her stomach and threatened to overtake her whole body. People. Where there were people, there was blood.

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