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By Diana Palmer

Tough and constant, wire Romero lives for the adrenaline rush that incorporates being a mercenary for lease. yet this time the activity is own. Having slightly survived a homicide try out from an elusive enemy, wire is set to neutralize his foe—the head of a multinational company that fronts a baby exertions ring. on the way to catch up with to his goal, wire joins forces with the Lassiter Detective corporation, the place he is reunited together with his early life buddy Maggie Barton.

Maggie is not any longer the impressionable younger girl he as soon as knew. She is now robust, self sufficient and accountable for her personal life—and, professionally, Cord's equivalent. She has one vulnerability: a sad mystery from her previous that threatens her courting with Cord…and units her up as a pawn for his lethal enemy.

Cord can't have enough money to be distracted throughout the most crucial case of his lifestyles. yet Maggie performs an critical half in unraveling the hyperlinks to his enemy's crimes. compelled to belief one another for his or her very survival, twine and Maggie embark on a deadly video game of cat and mouse which may depart just one winner standing.

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He knew she kept it long because of him. “We’re poison to each other. ” “Better for me, certainly,” she murmured huskily. Her fingers caressed his hair at the temple. ” she added, her voice teasing to disguise her hunger for him. His indrawn breath was audible, and his arms loosened, freeing her abruptly. ” he said shortly. The truce was over. Just that quickly. She smiled sadly as she watched him get to his feet and move away from the bed. “Don’t pop any blood vessels over a figure of speech,” she chided.

He read those reactions with textbook accuracy. His proud head lifted. His eyes narrowed. His lean hand spread against her cheek and his thumb suddenly swept hard over her soft lips, dragging a gasp from them. His other hand caught in her thick hair and he pulled her, lifted her, until she was lying across his body with her head in the crook of his arm. Her breasts were flattened against his broad, hair-roughened chest over the thin cotton shirt he wore. She looked up at him with helpless desire.

She was angry now, too, angry that she’d come three thousand miles, that she’d been stupid enough to care about a man who’d never returned her feelings, that she’d believed Eb Scott when he said Cord had asked for her. June was in the hall, frowning. The frown deepened when she saw Maggie’s face, saw the hurt the woman was trying valiantly to hide. ” she asked in a quick whisper. Maggie couldn’t manage many words at that point. June was Cord’s new love interest. Maggie couldn’t bear to look at her.

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