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By Patrick Younts

No crusade subject is extra gripping than a conflict opposed to the minions of hell! This jam-packed sourcebook brings to the desk every thing you will want to run a myth crusade established round demon hunters. From puritanical holy males combating for his or her gods to crazed warriors just one step clear of damnation themselves, each vintage archetype is roofed -- with new ones brought besides. The guide focuses not just on new sessions, races, and feats, but additionally covers how one can tailor the present d20 canon to a demon-hunter subject. It contains ideas for ownership and exorcism, agencies either natural and demonic, and directions for developing actually villainous demons to seek. This publication makes use of the 3.5 variation of the d20 ideas set, and is totally appropriate with the world’s hottest position taking part in online game.

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No action is required to use Spellcraft in this fashion, and no retry is allowed. Demon Hunter Abilities New Synergy: A demon hunter with 5 or more ranks in the Knowledge (the planes) skill gains a +2 synergy bonus when using any Spellcraft check that involves evil outsiders or demon cultists. Exorcism and Possession What is Possession? Possession is the means by which beings of the lower and upper planes, as well as ghosts and other similar spectral undead, can attempt to seize control of a mortal’s body and spirit.

It cannot be forced back to its own plane by means of banishment, dismissal, dispel evil or other, similar spells. It is for this reason that exorcism is practiced, for it allows even non-divinely powered holy men to force demons and other extraplanar monsters to flee the mortal realm. Conducting an Exorcism In order to conduct an exorcism, there must be a demon hunter or other holy person with at least 5 ranks in the Knowledge (religion) skill. Ranks in the skill represent an understanding of relevant theological practices and texts that discuss exorcism.

New Synergy: A demon hunter with 5 or more ranks in the Knowledge (religion) skill gains a +2 synergy bonus to all Knowledge (arcana) skill checks involving the occult practices of demonic cults. K nowledge (religion) Knowledge (religion) represents the demon hunter’s knowledge of matters related to faith, religious doctrine, holy symbols and other such matters which help him in his holy work. New Use — Exorcism: Exorcism is the act of driving out evil from people or places, using a combination of faith, willpower and, especially, prayer.

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