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“I had husbands.” the invention of long-hidden love letters leads ny caterer Cara Serafini on a trip to realizing her ambitious grandmother, Giulia Fiorillo. Born in a mountain village in southern Italy, the lively Giulia arrives on the age of 16 in a coarse ny immigrant local in the beginning of the 20 th century, pressured from the comforts and constrictions of her kinfolk through the fierce force of her mom. In the United States, Giulia faces not just an inhospitable tradition but in addition violence within the kin and within the streets, shattering loss and a love that shapes her entire existence.

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Like Emma, and nearly every other woman in the vil age, she was dressed in a severe black dress that extended below her knees. She wore her hair in the style of my mother's generation. The vil age was a grid of two or three streets clinging to the side of the mountain. Only the main road from Avel ino that continued farther up the mountain was paved. Few of the stone buildings had electricity, and al of them showed the ravages of centuries of wind and earthquake. Dust swirled at our feet as we crossed the meager piazza, shared with a goatherd leading his scraggly flock back to a lean-to for the evening.

Beyond lay the rock-strewn hil s of her childhood. " She thrust out her chin and gestured toward the window. "My own grandmother Giuseppina was a maga. I suppose now people would cal her a sorceress," Giulia began, and I listened. CHAPTER 4 The Convent of Santa Margareta Giulia In my grandmother Giuseppina's garden grew the plants she mixed into her medicines; in her head lived the magic words she sang to release her spel s; in her fingertips danced the powers she used to heal. She cured the pains and the sorrows of those who came to her, who asked her to speak for them to the saints.

Paolo left me nothing. Nothing, that is, that my family, especial y my sisters, thought had any value. No house. No diamonds. Not even a photograph. But after he was gone, and I could catch my breath from the pain, I knew that I stil had something. In the middle of the night, I sat alone and held them in my hands, reading the words over and over until I heard his voice in my head. I had Paolo's letters. CHAPTER 1 The Cigar Box Cara Serafini Dedrick 1983 The phone cal didn't come at two in the morning, but it might as wel have.

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