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35 Considerable care was taken in completing the questionnaire required by the International Olympic Committee, and discussions were conducted with leaders in Tokyo, the Metropolitan Assembly, the Japan Amateur Athletic Association, and the Ministry of Education as to how the various questions should be answered. The completed questionnaire was returned to the International Olympic Committee in English on 23 February 1955 and a French version was completed on 26 February. In April 1955, Mr. Avery Brundage, President of the International Olympic Committee visited Japan and made an inspection of the facilities which Tokyo could offer for the holding of the Olympic Games, and the officials handling the initial preparations for Tokyo's selection as a host city were most grateful to benefit by the advice and opinions which Mr.

The business of the Organizing Committee had by this time become wider in scope and the organization of the Committee and its Secretariat was enlarged to properly handle its increased functions. Several changes were made in the actual Committee members. The original Kishi Memorial Hall which was the first site of the Organizing Committee When the Organizing Committee was officially registered as a juridical person the Headquarters were moved to the former Akasaka Detached Palace Reorganization of the Organizing Committee into a legal entity The most significant change affecting the Organizing Committee during fiscal 1961 was its reorganization from an unregistered organization with no legal status to a legal entity—a juridical Foundation.

This decision came some 30 years after Tokyo had commenced its preparations to be designated the city to host the Games of the XII Olympiad, this first invitation which Tokyo later found expedient to withdraw in view of the unfavourable internal conditions prevailing in Japan as the time drew near in 1938. A brief historical account of the period prior to the acceptance of Tokyo as the host city of the Games of the XVIII Olympiad 1964 is given hereunder. The period prior to the decision to hold the Games of the XII Olympiad in Tokyo The first page of this history began in June 1930 with a suggestion to the mayor (then Hidejiro Nagata) at the Tokyo Municipal Office as the all Japan Students Team left for the World Students Athletic Championship Meet in Darmstadt, Germany.

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