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By Françoise Kral

The determine of the migrant has been celebrated by way of a few as an icon of postmodernity, an emblematic determine in an international more and more characterised via transnationalism, globalization and mass migrations. Král takes factor with this view of the migrant adventure via in-depth analyses of writers together with Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith and Monica Ali.

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The novel thus stresses the role of agency in the definition of identity and the capacity of the self to flee the overlapping pressures exerted upon identity definition to explore new horizons in the spatial and metaphorical senses of the term. In the previous section on postcolonial legacies I have discussed the fragility of the link which unites the former self to the new one, the immigrant’s past to his present life. This fragility is a leitmotiv in contemporary diasporic writing, in particular in novels of the past decade which envisage im/migration in the light of recent changes.

Hutcheon, 1990, 9) This doubleness has also been described by Edward Said in a passage which points at the constitutive disjuncture of the diasporic subject and the diasporic experience. ALL FAMILIES INVENT THEIR PARENTS AND CHILDREN, GIVE each of them a story, character, fate, and even a language. There was always something wrong with how I was invented and meant to fit in with the world of my parents and four sisters. Whether this was because I constantly misread my part or because of some deep flaw in my being I could not tell for most of my early life.

This has led to heated debates, some arguing that aesthetics is not a valid category when it comes to Paradigmatic Shifts and New Orientations 21 dealing with postcolonial texts, for it implies a conception of art for art’s sake and consequently a projection of Western categories onto the postcolonial text, whereas others have argued that the expectation that postcolonial writers should privilege form over content was a condescending gesture leading to a de facto exclusion of postcolonial writers from formalist concerns.

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